Yeastie Boys & Utopian Brewing - LUCKY DIP

Yeastie Boys & Utopian Brewing - LUCKY DIP

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Do you feel lucky?

Yeastie Boys and Utopian Brewing are excited to present our LUCKY DIP mixed box for winter 2020.

We have carefully selected 24 beers, which you can buy now as an advent calendar, through December as a “Tryanuary” box for early 2021, or simply any time for any occasion.

Take a chance on me

The beers include 16 out of our combined ranges with the 8 extra beers - sourced from from other breweries we love - giving a little more excitement each day when you take your lucky dip.

As opposed to the usual numbered concept used by advent calendar, we don’t set a path for you. Pick from any of the compartments, on any given day, to surprise yourself with something new and interesting for your drinking pleasure. This means no pressure to drink every day and no guilt if you fancy a second. 

Treat yourself

The Lucky Dip mixed box includes: 

  • 24 cans of beer from Yeastie Boys, Utopian Brewing and SEVEN other breweries
  • 7 x 330ml and 17 x 440ml
  • Alcohol ranges from 3.0% to 8.5% 

Our friends

The friends joining Utopian Brewing and Yeastie Boys in this pack are:  

  • Loch Lomond (Loch Lomond)
  • Round Corner Brewing (Melton Mowbray)
  • Burning Sky Brewery (Sussex)
  • NZ Beer Collective & Fierce (London/Aberdeen)

SPOILER LINK: For those who wish to see exactly what they’re getting, before they buy, here is a full list of the LUCKY DIP beers, with can size, each beer's alcohol by volume, and beer style.